Happy Birthday to me

Monday, September 27, 2010 Lindaleenk 2 Comments

I know ,my boyfriend isn't romantic...
at my birthday, there's no red flowers, no a sweet gift, a boxes chocolate
but only him

‎(◦'⌣'◦) accompany me that day :) thank you dear

to bad that night the weather didn't let we go for dinner

(˘___˘) hiks..

at saturday night, those restaurant also full reserved T_____T 

ok,we go dinner at other place.......

finnaly i got my birthday dinner at sunday

and eat this ^3^

- Ayam pecal

grilled chicken with traditional sauce ummm...delicious enough i think,but i didnt lucky for that night to feel comfort eat this :)

and my drink is

is called secang , a traditional drink :)

i think you already know where i got my dinner right? ;)

enjoy those unique place :)


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  1. nggak, aku ga tau kamu makan malam dimana, lin. soalnya aku baru 1x ke Jogja. :P
    btw, Happy Birthday yaaa... :-*
    semoga tambah bahagia dlm hidup. ^^