Freddie (chapt. 1)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013 Lindaleenk 13 Comments

Hello, my name Freddie.
I have been adopt since..emmm I forget since when (.__.")

I am a lazy cat, and this my favorite chair.

Sometimes they ask me to go outside, playing with others cat. But then I have my own toys, and friend to share it.
My body getting very heavy until I cant fit anymore with this wicker basket. 
This is the first time I get a present!! A big ball, but I cant chew this. 
My second toys is this duck doll, it becomes my sleeping friend. 
Don't ask me why cat always love box, we just love it. Hey, it fit with my big butt!
hoam....let's sleep.

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  1. Hallo Freddie :*
    Lucu siiih. Gemez!

  2. Nama lengkapnya Freddie Mercury ya? :)

  3. Kayak kakakku deh suka bgt sama kucing, aku sih ga suka kucing, cukup menyaksikan aja dari jauh haahhahahaa....

  4. lucuuuu <3
    kek kucingku dulu, tpi dah alm :(

  5. @Ristin pasti takut kecakar ya...samaaa :)))

  6. Hahahaa..... aduh tidur kok di dalam box bantex.
    Jadi ingat kucing teman saya, tidur di dalam tas pemiliknya wkwkwkkww...

  7. kucing berbulu coklat di keluarga saya dulu selalu mendapat perlakuan khusus :))
    dan oh ya, nama belakangnya bukan Mercury kah? :P

  8. Ahhhh lucu banget. Suka banget sama kucing deh. Saya punya yang warna putih :)