#LingTrip The Maafushi Island Maldives [Eng]

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Maafushi Island Maldives Review
Blue ocean at Maafushi Island Maldives
At first there's two islands that we want to visit Maafushi and Gulhi, but at the end we choose Maafushi island. Maldivian is a country that literally built around hospitality business. About around 90 minutes away from Male by ferry boat, Maafushi islands is located in the South Male Atoll. The island is relatively large compared to other islands, in the same atoll, but its also suffer from erosion on the northern shoreline (by tsunami).

Some people said that Maafushi  is one of the best islands for social butterflies, maybe because it has the largest concentration of guesthouse and travellers in the country. Yes Maafushi is bigger and more crowded (around 44 hotels/guesthouse) than Gulhi, but it's still close and has same ferry route from Male.
Maafushi Island Maldives Ocean

We see more foreign faces than local ones in both islands. Competition among hostel owners might be a bit fierce, what they provides to the travellers is almost same but remember you get what you pay for (in a good way). From affordable room rates (USD 40-150), dive trips, spa treatments and excursions. The first guest house in Maafushi that has granted lisence to operate is WhiteShell Beach Inn, the Island Cottage, Summer Villa Guesthouse, Kaani Beach Hotel, Fazza In, Maafushi Inn and Holiday Lodge. They provide a comfy rooms packed with amenities, air conditioning, wifi, satellite television and hot showers. 

We met white sandy beach on the north east corner the island. Anyway alcohol is unavailable in the island but you can order it at five minutes boat trip to nearby floating bar. You might not believe but this islands provide a floating bar at the sea, I forgot how much to pay to get there. (You can see the ship at picture below)
Maafushi Island Maldives Dinner
The place we got our canddlelight dinner
There are several options for dinner and other meals, many restaurant scattered through the island. You can join the activities night fishing if you like, either your guesthouse or local group can arrange for fishing trip, complete with equipment, guides and even meals.

I can't dive but I saw tourist that can dive, should try to join with the proffesional-but-fun team at Maafushi Dive Centre to see if you can combine dive trips with lodgings. You can also check out the independent Maldives travel specialist around the islands (you'll find it when you got there). We can surround Maafushi island by walk, it just spent about 2hours for complete sight seeing. We saw local school, Maafushi Prison, Maafuchi Council, souvenir shop, home residents and etc.
Maafushi Island Maldives Review
Are you ready to book your vacation trip to Maafushi island? Dont forget to pack your sunscreen and summer dresses, also remember about local laws prohibit bikinis and swimwear that are too revealing at local island.
Maafushi Island Maldives Review
White sandy beach
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Maafushi Island Maldives Map
Seems the sun loving my husband so much

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